Saving Grace CPR, LLC.

Life is why?

Life is precious and fragile. We go through life not knowing when we will be called upon to help others. Those that may call on us could be family, friends, coworkers or complete strangers. We never think about situations that we could face, requiring us to rely on others or skills of our own.

An emergency could happen at a shopping center, mall, sporting event, church or walking through the park. If someone was to collapse in front of you, do you know what to do? Are you trained? Have you seen someone administer first aid or CPR and thought you have what it takes to do that?

At Saving Grace CPR LLC, we provide skills that will help you save someone’s life. Whether they are family, friends, coworkers or a stranger. Being able to administer first aid, CPR and use an AED adequately, will offer you a reward that you may never experience in any one aspect of life.

Life is why!

CPR should not be looked at as something that is out of reach and should be a skill that all should know. I was taught CPR at the age of 8 by my parents. I have used those skills later in life to help others. CPR can be used by anyone to save everyone they encounter and are in need of life saving procedures.

CPR is one way to show that you value life and willing to help your fellow man. Please feel free to contact us. We will ensure that you are properly trained.

The following courses will be taught remotely. BLS Provider, Heartsaver CPR (Adult/Child/Infant) with AED and First Aid optionally.